Fullstack Engineer - Bioteria


Stockholm, Sweden






Fat is increasingly becoming one of the Western world's major challenges, both as a societal issue and an environmental problem.

At Bioteria, we are convinced that the future of green technology will involve solutions for the planet's environmental challenges. By replacing traditional environmentally harmful solutions with modern biotechnology, Bioteria has introduced an entirely new technology that makes a significant difference for our customers, the environment, the wallet, and society at large.

Bioteria is a world leader in biotechnological solutions for fat-related issues and efficient waste management. We develop and market products and services in grease separation, waste management, and commercial kitchen ventilation. We provide our customers with expertise throughout the entire process, from consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance. In 2021, Bioteria launched "Smart Bioremote," which revolutionized the industry with connected systems. Smart Bioremote allows remote monitoring and control of grease separators, ventilation systems, waste areas, and even our biotechnology systems.


Together with our strategic developer, you will be part of our development team embarking on an exciting transformation journey where our entire system will be rebuilt with modern technology. This means that you will have a significant influence on technology choices, data flows, and data modeling. Therefore, we prefer candidates with an eye for architecture.

You will be a part of the BISC (Business Innovation and Specialist Circle), working closely with the innovation group based at our headquarters in Arninge.

Your Profile

We are looking for someone who is either interested in learning more or already possesses a broad knowledge of various development areas, with a focus on frontend and backend. We believe you have a broad technical understanding and experience in programming in the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript frameworks

We also believe you have worked with JAVA, PHP, Angular (2+ / AngularJS), and MySQL or any other relational database.

It is advantageous if you have experience with:

  • IoT
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • NetSuite (SuiteScript)
  • Machine learning

You are a communicative problem solver who thinks first and codes later. You can work independently, are organized, and result-oriented in your work. Furthermore, we expect you to have excellent language skills in Swedish and English.

  • Our vision for the future is that Bioteria will be a natural and leading part of sustainable community development and take a leading role in waste water and waste management, with a special focus on properties and businesses handling food. Bioteria is an innovative company in a traditional industry. A successful company is built by employees who are well-being. For us, joy and passion are important, and we work together towards our goals. We are all part of a team with a common game plan, says Charlotta Buch, Head of Innovation and Scientific Affairs, Bioteria.

  • What attracted me to apply to Bioteria was its environmental profile and hearing how the passionate individuals were dedicated to their cause during the interviews. I find it to be an exciting company with an intriguing product. Within BISC, we have various competencies. Everyone is highly competent and friendly. A great group to work with. In IT development, it's just me right now, so if I ask myself about the atmosphere, we're holding the flag high! There aren't many typical days – yet. But I believe it's changing and stabilizing. It ranges from development to planning meetings, documentation, and coordinating external consultants. It's very diverse! And a lot of freedom with responsibility – which suits me well, says Kalle Wikstrand, Strategic Software Engineer, Bioteria.