Fat is increasingly becoming one of the Western world's major challenges, both as a societal issue and an environmental problem. Bioteria Technologies AB is a modern biotechnology company that has dedicated the past 20 years to finding environmentally friendly solutions to the fat problem – solutions that simultaneously eliminate the entire chain of societal and environmental problems that follow in the wake of fat.

Our starting point is that a new way of thinking is needed to solve the problems we've created with the old way of thinking. Therefore, we educate Sweden on fat issues and present sustainable solutions.

Our biotechnology involves specially selected microorganisms consuming the fat on-site, under controlled conditions. This tackles the problem at its root and thereby reduces the need for all the costly strategies currently used to solve it.

It's time for a technological shift! With the help of biotechnology, we can leave mechanical and chemical solutions behind and transition to nature's own efficient solutions, which are both cheaper and cleaner than the traditional ones.


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