Senior Backend Engineer - Aidn


Oslo, Bergen, Bodø, Norway

Hybrid Remote




Aidn is a Norwegian tech startup building the next generation of collaboration tools for clinicians, patients, and next of kin.

Help us create the software platform that will change Norwegian healthcare forever.

As experienced technologists, the work we do is important to our employers, but, at some point, we all ask ourselves the same question: Is the work itself important?

At Aidn, your superpowers will not go to waste.

Our ambition is to create the missing healthcare platform all Norwegians deserve—an integrated set of services that allows institutions, clinicians, social workers, and citizens to collaborate on healthcare matters as a single team.

Our products will one day save lives. It’s hard to get more important than that.

That’s awesome, but it’s gonna take a village to raise that child.

Our current products have been built from the ground up by small teams of talented product managers, designers, and developers entrusted with the authority to make their own decisions. We act like a startup—we move fast and ship often.

But the health sector is vast and inherently complex. To deliver value fast enough to satisfy our customers’ needs, we need to be able to move in several coordinated directions at once. And that means we need a lot of talented technologists.

Our goal is not just to make an updated version of today’s frustrating and much-maligned solutions. We want to completely rethink what is possible.

  • How can we empower patients by granting them unprecedented access to their health data? How do we make them feel seen as individuals by their caregivers?

  • What tools and decision support are necessary for clinicians to provide optimal treatment? How can we shift the focus in clinical situations from data entry to actually communicating with the patient and next-of-kin?

  • How do we create collaboration forums where healthcare workers from different organisations can work together as a single care team? What is the right form of communication for each scenario?

  • How can we make case handling faster and less error prone? How do we streamline processes for administering services and equipment?

It is an audacious vision. When Aidn succeeds, our software will be among the most critical platforms running in Norway’s municipalities. We need to build a world-class tech organisation now.

That’s where you come in.

Building great software requires experienced technologists with the right mindset. It is a continuous, iterative process of listening, learning, and steady improvement. We need people who can do more than just write code. 

Beyond mere experience with our core tech stack—C#, .Net and PostgreSQL with a dash of Node.js, TypeScript and GraphQL—we’re looking for someone with the hard-earned wisdom that comes from building products from scratch in cross-functional teams. We need people who care about product quality and are familiar with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and Kafka. Our expectation is you will focus on three main goals:

  • Help us build the healthcare system everyone actually wants.

  • Help us figure out how to “eat the elephant”—i.e., replace today’s municipal health systems in a stepwise manner.

  • Help us build the best technical organisation in Norway.

At Aidn, product teams will have the freedom to make their own choices concerning what is needed and how to prioritise their efforts. But overall, we would expect your responsibilities to fall into five major buckets.

  • Work with designers and frontend engineers from your team to design and implement solutions that delight our customers.

  • Refactor your team’s code when we learn from our users and/or your peers.

  • Explore new technologies and techniques when we think they can provide significant improvements over the status quo.

  • Collaborate with peers in your technical domain to define best practices.

  • Provide operational support for your team’s services.

If you have the skills, experience, and drive to juggle these varied responsibilities, we have a group of awesome technologists who would be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Plus, there is room for you to grow with us.

The nature and scale of Aidn’s mandate ensures all engineers will face a steady stream of interesting challenges for many years.

To achieve our ambitions, product teams must be empowered to take decisions and demonstrate initiative as the company continues to grow. By joining in this early stage, you can have a huge impact on how our products are designed and implemented.

You will also have access to professional managers that will assist and support you in your personal development.

Not to mention the benefits you would expect from a startup company.

  • Flexible workplace (work from home, our local Aidn office, or even a workation locale every now and again)

  • Flexible hours

  • 6 weeks vacation

  • Employee shares

And—if all that weren’t enough—Aidn has a unique advantage.

Aidn is a member of the Kernel family, a collection of like-minded companies focused on building the next generation of health services for Norway and beyond.

This association gives us access to advisors across the entire healthcare ecosystem, enough capital to support the long runways our ambitions require, and the strategic partnerships needed to realise cooperation across today’s siloed landscape. 

Are you curious? We welcome you to check out our employee handbook to get to know us, some of our benefits and what drives us.