Senior Fullstack Engineer - Aidn


Oslo, Bergen, Bodø, Norway

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Aidn is a Norwegian tech startup building the next generation of collaboration tools for clinicians, patients, and next of kin.

Help us create the software platform that will change Norwegian healthcare forever.

Your job can be more than just a paycheck.

As experienced technologists, the work we do is important to our employers, but, at some point, we all ask ourselves the same question: Is the work itself important?

At Aidn, your superpowers will not go to waste.

Our ambition is to create the missing healthcare platform all Norwegians deserve—an integrated set of services and applications that allows institutions, clinicians, social workers, and citizens to collaborate on healthcare matters as a single team.

We want every person living in Norway to enjoy the longest, happiest life possible. Along the way, we expect our products to improve the everyday lives of healthcare workers, give patients and next-of-kin more control of their situations, and maybe even save a few lives.

It doesn’t get more meaningful than that.

But how exactly will we do all that?

We are a startup. We collaborate directly with our customers, move fast, and ship often.

Our goal is not just to make an updated version of today’s frustrating and much-maligned solutions. We want to completely rethink what is possible.

But the health sector is vast and inherently complex. To deliver value fast enough to satisfy our customers’ increasingly urgent needs, we have to be able to move in several coordinated directions at once. Consequently, our products have been built from the ground up by small teams of talented product managers, designers, and developers entrusted with the freedom to make their own decisions.

One such team is focused on planning and optimisation, an area characterised by complex algorithms, data density, and an obsession with efficiency. They are tackling questions like:

  • What is the best way to manage home services staff, competencies, and schedules when the customer lacks a robust integration toward a workforce AD?

  • How do we produce route plans that optimise not just for geographic locations, but also consider variable-length visits, driver skills, the need for two drivers to meet at one location at the same time, etc?

  • What options can we give planners to tweak route plans if a condition changes or if they know a solution missed something?

  • Can our solver work quickly enough to keep the planner’s undivided attention, to create a collaborative process instead of running for 10+ minutes in the background?

  • Can the lessons we learn for optimising home services routes be applied to work plans in institutional wards? Are rooms really that different from houses?

That’s where you come in.

Building great software requires experienced technologists with the right mindset. It is a continuous, iterative process of listening, learning, and steady improvement. We need people who can do more than just write code.

Beyond mere experience with our core tech stack—PostgreSQL, C# .NET, React / Next + TypeScript, and a dash of Python and Rust—we’re looking for someone with the hard-earned wisdom that comes from building products from scratch in cross-functional teams.

Our expectation is you will focus on these main responsibilities:

  • Work with your teammates to design and implement end-to-end solutions that delight our customers.

  • Ensure our backend services and frontend applications are well-aligned.

  • Refactor your team’s code when we learn from our users and/or your peers.

  • Collaborate with your team to define best practices that work for everyone.

  • Provide operational support for your team’s services.

And we think you will thrive at Aidn if:

  • You have experience as a fullstack engineer building greenfield SaaS products.

  • You think critically and are able to weigh trade-offs when making architectural, design and implementation choices.

  • You have strong communication skills, able to articulate both your ideas and the rationale behind them clearly.

  • You have worked with product-led startups in autonomous, cross-functional teams.

  • You are a respectful team player who enjoys true collaboration.

  • You can work independently and have a strong sense of ownership.

  • You are passionate about improving the future of healthcare.

If that sounds like you, Aidn might be just what you’re looking for.

Plus, there is room for you to grow with us.

The nature and scale of Aidn’s mandate ensures all engineers will face a steady stream of interesting challenges for many years.

To achieve our ambitions, product teams must have freedom to take decisions and demonstrate initiative as the company continues to grow. By joining in this early stage, you can have a huge impact on how our products are designed and implemented.

You will also have access to professional managers that will assist and support you in your personal development.

Not to mention the benefits you would expect from a startup.

  • Flexible workplace—work from home, our local Aidn office, or even a workation locale every now and again

  • Flexible hours

  • 6 weeks vacation

  • Employee shares

And, if all that weren’t enough, Aidn has a unique advantage.

Aidn is a member of the Kernel family, a collection of like-minded companies focused on building the next generation of health services for Norway and beyond.

This association gives us access to advisors across the entire healthcare ecosystem, enough capital to support the long runways our ambitions require, and the strategic partnerships needed to realise cooperation across today’s siloed landscape.

Are you curious? We welcome you to check out our employee handbook to get to know us, some of our benefits, and what drives us.