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Norlys Energy Trading specialise in data-driven power and gas trading and are geared towards accelerating the renewable energy transition.

About us

We capture the opportunities of decarbonisation by pioneering new ways of trading energy. Our approach is highly-cooperative and data-driven, and our ambitions are global.

What we do

We specialise in power and gas trading

Our data-driven trading strategies help ensure stable energy supplies by relocating surplus energy to wherever it is most needed.

At the same time, we absorb the inherent market risk of highly-changeable renewable energy sources.

Our vision is a green energy transition – from fossil fuel dependency to a low carbon future – optimised by intelligent energy trading.

Our unfair advantage

As a relatively new entrant in a rapidly-evolving market, we are not held back by legacy systems or calcified thinking.

On the contrary, we capture the opportunities of decarbonisation by pioneering new ways of trading energy.

We have adopted a highly-cooperative and data-driven approach to the way we trade energy, and our ambitions are global.

Backed by a powerful and supportive ownership structure, we are primed for success.

Our approach

We believe in fluid and adaptable teams in which every member is empowered to execute.

Our team leaders are provided with the contextual information to take an eyes-on-hands-off approach to management.

With empowered teams built on genuine relationships and trust, our pioneers enjoy space in which to test their ideas and to make the magic happen.

History & ownership

Our company was founded in 2020 and is backed by a powerful, visionary and supportive ownership structure.

We are jointly owned by Norlys, Denmark’s largest integrated energy and telecommunications distributor, and Eurowind Energy, a leading developer and operator of wind- and solar-power projects across Europe.


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