Our carbon emissions are still increasing, and the evidence for dramatic climate change is all around. We want to do our part in solving it.

In Europe, 12% of our carbon emissions come from heating our homes - just as much as using our cars. Getting those emissions to zero will be a gargantuan task: retrofitting 90 million buildings across many countries is a hard problem.

Lun’s mission is to decarbonise homes faster, by building an operating system for tradespeople in the European energy renovation industry. Our first task is to make heat pump installations an absolute no-brainer for plumbers and electricians.

We've secured a robust funding of 11M€ from high-caliber investors, including the likes of Lowercarbon, Norrsken VC, Partech, Foundamental, and MCJ Collective, in order to very rapidly accelerate building retrofits across Europe.


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