Hafslund is an energy and infrastructure group consisting of three companies, that all work towards a world in balance with renewables.

Hafslund Eco Vannkraft

Hafslund Eco owns and operates hydropower plants over large parts of the country. We produce enough renewable energy to supply half of all Norwegian households with electricity. With one of the industry's most robust professional environments, we are a sought-after partner for the development and operation of hydropower plants.

Hafslund Vekst

Hafslund has great ambitions for growth within new renewable power production and to take an active role in the electrification of Norway. Hafslund Vekst works actively to test and develop new business concepts and assists customers with advisory services.

Hafslund Oslo Celsio

Hafslund is the majority owner of Hafslund Oslo Celsio, formerly Fortum Oslo Varme. Celsio is Norway's largest district heating producer and supplies hot tap water and heating to more than 200,000 people who live or work in the greater Oslo region.


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